Creating A New Narrative

A campaign can be defined as a uni-focus, short term communication programme, making use of various mass media, aimed at a defined target audience.

The success of each of our advertising campaigns revolves around core strategies. The pre-campaign decisions are taken and included in finalised strategy and we often find this can be attributed to part of the success rate. Sometimes the campaigns are cost intensive, the importance on planning and mapping the milestone dates are key to achieve the desired response.

Strategy Development Phase

The crucial strategy. It is the art and science of deploying available resources to attain objectives in the face of active competition. Strategy needs to cover both creative and media angle

  • The target audience/segment or target market
  • What to say? It includes the key communication proposition.
  • Where our target audience is located? What media do they favour. The media vehicles for the campaign
  • Objective to raise the order value and gain a profitable response
  • Scheduling of the campaign around possible seasonal products

Budget Approach/Methodology

Determining the objective and task of your advertising campaign and ultimately calculating the cost of attaining them. A percentage of sales multiplied by your company's past and expected sales targets, based on what you have traditionally spent on advertising

  • Developing the media plan
  • Specifying the media vehicles
  • A focus on achieving the reach/frequency that the budget will allow
  • The percentage of consumers in a target market exposed to an advertisement
  • The number of times targeted consumers are exposed to the advertisement


The creation and execution of a series of advertisements to communicate with your target audience, fitting the budget and timescales. SDA have had enormous success in delivering high volume campaigns

  • Identifying the specific desire or problem for your business
  • Defining your underlying product benefits
  • Composing and arranging your new narrative into media
  • Executing your campaign across the agreed media
  • Evaluating and correcting actions necessary to make the campaign more effective

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